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Switchify - switch access for Android

Switchify transforms the way individuals with physical disabilities interact with Android devices. This service introduces a cursor-based control system that allows users to navigate their device without relying on traditional touch inputs. By dividing the screen into quadrants and employing an intuitive cursor movement system, Switchify enables precise selection and interaction with on-screen elements. Users can control the cursor through accessible input methods, tailored to their unique needs, making digital content more reachable. Switchify is about simplifying access to technology, ensuring that everyone can fully utilize their Android devices with ease and confidence.



Cursor Navigation


Bluetooth Switch Interface Support


Perform Gestures


Access Device Features


Open Source

Who Is It For?

Switchify is designed for individuals who encounter challenges with traditional touch screen inputs due to physical disabilities. It serves a diverse group of users, from those with limited hand mobility and fine motor skill difficulties to anyone who finds standard touch-based navigation inaccessible or inefficient. By offering a user-friendly solution that prioritizes ease of use, precision, and adaptability, Switchify ensures that all users, regardless of their physical limitations, can fully engage with their digital devices. This innovative service is especially valuable for people seeking alternative ways to interact with their smartphones or tablets, enabling seamless connectivity, entertainment, and productivity without the constraints of conventional touch interfaces.

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