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Developing SayIt! for Multiple Platforms: The Journey and Challenges

At EnabO, we are excited to announce that we have been working on developing SayIt! for Windows, macOS, and the Web and we are close to rolling out these versions!

Considering the importance of our AAC app and the significant role it plays in the lives of people who have communication difficulties, this development has been a labor of love and determination. We believe that this expansion will allow more people to benefit from SayIt! and it will help in communicating with others.

Developing the Windows, macOS, and the web versions of the app has been both interesting and challenging at the same time. We have had to upgrade the user interface (UI), incorporate different APIs, employ more advanced programming languages, and test the new versions thoroughly to ensure they provide the same functionality and ease of use as the mobile version of SayIt!.

Our aim has been to create an app that runs seamlessly across different platforms while maintaining its usability and accessibility with the same features that users of the iOS version are accustomed to.

The challenges we faced while developing the different versions were indeed daunting. We had to upgrade our developers’ tools to advanced versions and also incorporate additional development frameworks. We also had to test the new versions and carry out rigorous debugging before launching them.

Despite these challenges, we are proud of the progress we have made, and we cannot wait for our users to experience the new versions once they launch.

Stay tuned for more announcement on the release date.

We are excited and always committed to making this world more accessible to everyone.

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